welcome to "Lūšu Drava"

On the farm "Stropēni", in Lielvārde parish where the bee farm "Lūšu Drava" is located, beekeeping is being practiced for several generations and already for 50 years. The Lūši family takes care of its one and a half million bees and creates various unusual products and mixes from the harvested honey.

Every summer, the hard-working bees at "Lūšu Drava" apiary produce delicious honey from different flowers, pollen and one of the world's richest natural vitamin products – bee bread.

We have also created and been recognised by our customers for our various bee product "mixes" – honey with different berries, with cydonia, with lemon, honey with nuts, bee bread in honey, propolis in honey. Even tastier and even healthier!

visitors welcomed

Our products are not only bought in shops or markets, but often end up in gift bags too, as we offer the creation and design of custom labels for each client's specific need – a wedding, a party, a corporate event.

Now all you have to do is explore the "Lūšu Drava" product range, put your favourite treats in your basket and fill in the checkout form! Bee healthy!

Since 2019, "Lūšu Drava" has also started to welcome visitors, telling them about beekeeping, offering product degustation as well as renting out premises and territory for different kind of events!