Let’s bee friends!

Natural bee products from Latvia

In the apiary of Lūši family bees have been kept already for more than 41 year! More than 1,5 million bees make their everyday journeys in surrounding fields and forests. Since 1974 beekeeper Līga Lūse has taken care of her tiny little helpers.

In Lūši apiary (lūsis = lynx or bobcat) bees gather wildflower honey as well as bee pollen and bee bread – one of the most exclusive vitamin sources of nature. Along with all the edible things bees provide us with wax, and we use it to create sweet-scented hand-made candles.

We do not bother ourselves to harvest monoflower honey, because our bees know the best recipe for the most delicious and healthy honey. It suits all tastes, you just have to try!

Different mixes with honey

Our recently introduced products are different mixes, that tastes even better!

  • Honey with Lemon and Ginger
  • Honey with Blackcurrant berries
  • Honey with Sea Buckthorn berries
  • Honey with Sea Rowan berries
  • Propolis in honey
  • Bee bread in honey
  • Almonds in honey
  • Nuts&Seeds and dried Cranberries in honey

Let’s bee friends!

If you like our sweet and healthy products, just let us know! We can provide you with our products in retail or we can also discuss a wholesale partnership!

Recently we have created two brands and packaging design for our production – „Lūšu Drava” for local market and „Amber Drop” for international market. If needed we can customize or even create a new brand and packaging style according to the needs of client.

Please, view the product list with price information in this PDF document!

If you have any comments, questions or ideas, feel free to write - bites [at] lusudrava.lv.

With best wishes,
Jānis Lūsis form „Lūšu Drava”
Lielvārde, Latvia